Entrance mats with HydroTX
absorb up to 3 times more moisture
in the first steps

Prevent wet footprints

Rainy weather often leads to dirty entrances. Standard entrance mats do not absorb enough moisture to prevent wet footprints on the floor behind the mat. Entrances then look messy and can be dangerous due to the risk of slipping and falling on a hard floor. And ongoing cleaning and drying through the day just results in extra costs – which facility managers prefer to avoid.

How HydroTX works

HydroTX technology allows entrance mats to do exactly what they have to: absorb moisture faster and keep the interior floor behind the mat clean and dry. Discover the difference between an entrance mat with HydroTX and a mat without this new technology.

Fast moisture absorption

HydroTX is a technology, using a specific textile construction. The unique combination ensures rapid moisture absorption and is highly resistant to wear. This combination of properties makes HydroTX extremely suitable for use in commercial mats.

HydroTX works within a few steps

Regular entrance mats require sufficient running metres to work. An entrance mat with HydroTX is much more practical: the mat absorbs up to 3 times more moisture within a few steps.

High wear resistance

The entrance is the most high-traffic area of any building. So high wear resistance is a self-evident requirement for entrance mats. HydroTX technology does not detract from this desired high wear resistance. It can be used in products designed for heavy commercial use (EN1307 – use classes 32 and 33).

Clean and safe

99% of people do not or hardly wipe their feet when entering a building. Thanks to HydroTX, entrances are much cleaner. It prevents the stamping of wet shoe soles, a slippery floor and, therefore, dangerous situations.

Works within a few steps

Works within a few steps

High wear resistance

High wear resistance

Clean and safe

Clean and safe

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The result of scientific research

Researchers at Saxion University of Applied Sciences went back to basics to achieve a breakthrough in moisture absorption. They asked themselves how water drains from a shoe sole into a textile layer. And what variables influence this process. They then developed a new measuring method, using a physical model. This enabled them to map out the influence of a range of variables, from the amount of moisture on various types of shoe soles, to the pressure and contact time on the textile underlayer.

Validated in practical situations

The measurement method used in the laboratory has been validated by means of visual assessment in various practical situations. Many people were observed, walking with wet soles over different kinds of mats and the interior floors behind them. The researchers then applied the research results and recommendations to the development of new material. The focus was mainly on kinetic absorption properties: absorbing a lot of moisture from a shoe sole, as quickly as possible. The result is HydroTX.

Entrance mats with HydroTX
absorb up to 3 times more moisture in the first steps

  • Mat with HydroTX technology 89% 89%
  • Standard mat A 25% 25%
  • Standard mat B 30% 30%

99% of people hardly
or don’t wipe their feet

100 people will walk at least 1000 ml of moisture inside

HydroTX absorbs up to
89% of moisture from the first step